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Για τους λάτρεις του υγρού στοιχείου

Lake Orestida of Kastoria is morphologically considered the most beautiful lake in Greece and has been declared a “Monument of Natural Beauty” Natura 2000. Its natural basin, which is surrounded by mountains of excellent geomorphology, is a unique wetland. It is a wetland of great importance and for birds of prey and serves as a breeding, feeding and wintering area. It maintains a rich bird fauna that includes rare and endangered species.

Wander in its calm waters in an idyllic landscape created by the alpine mountain peaks that are located around in combination with the magnificent image of the peninsula on which the city is built, which retains a unique beauty all year round.

  • The experienced team of Adventure Kastoria designs and implements exciting programs, with a combination of activities for an unforgettable experience.
    Our goal is to instill in our participants a love for nature and outdoor activities. All activities are implemented in single, two-seater or large boats depending on your level and requirements, always accompanied by specially trained guides / escorts following all the rules security.
    We are always at your disposal to create together programs and activities that suit your needs and desires.


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